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The World Conference on Titanium (Ti-2019) is the fourteenth in a series of meetings that have been held every four years since 1968. It brings together the world’s titanium community to present and discuss progress in titanium science and technology. Every edition, between 600 and 900 delegates are reunited under the same roof.

The candidature for the organization of the 14th World titanium conference in Nantes has been supported by The French Titanium Association, the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials (SF2M) with the endorsement of Region Pays de Loire and Nantes city council. It also led by Patrick Villechaise, director of research at the CNRS, member of SF2M and the French Titanium Association and the French representative at the Organizing Committee of the 2015 Conference in San Diego (California).

The Organizing Committee was seduced by the SF2M and French Titanium Association union with its industrials and academic actors who will guarantee the success of this prestigious conference. 

The Ti-2019 will present the latest news on titanium and its high value alloys. With application fields becoming wider and representing important technologic, economic and society challenges they have a bright future ahead and this conference will be the time to discuss and define it.


association_titaneThe French Titanium Association was formed in 1994. It brings together French-speaking companies and laboratories with an interest in Titanium and titanium alloys and their uses. The association relies on industrial and academic experts to brainstorm on new fields of applications and/or on proposals to improve the alloys and their micro-structures when specific limitations in use are encountered.

The association serves as a forum for discussion and collaboration with regard to the specific challenges of titanium and titanium alloys. Its work is structured largely around technical committees, set up to work on issues that are of interest to members of the association.

The French Titanium Association is keen to encourage wider circulation of technological information about the characteristics, special uses and procedures for titanium and its alloys. In addition, its members benefit from its active work to capitalize on the knowledge built up about this metal – the subject of a considerable amount of research in recent decades.


logo_SF2MSF2M, the French Society for Metallurgy and Materials, was founded in 1945. It gathers nearly 1,000 members, from university and industry, and 15 partners which are industrial groups and federations. It brings together the scientific and professional community in the Metallurgy and Materials field in order to exchange and work together.

SF2M shares information on progress and technological innovation of the Metallurgy and Materials Science. It organizes technical and scientific meetings to optimize performance of its members, and brings awareness around material science and technology activities, especially among young people. SF2M represents its members in France and is a founding member of the Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS).


The main organising bodies have designated the Pole EMC2 as operational support.

emc2EMC2 brings together a group of players around key markets and technologies. Their common objective is to reinforce the regional innovation and growth “ecosystem” in order to help French industry become more competitive with a focus on advanced manufacturing technologies as a shared cross-disciplinary feature.
EMC2 has the resource needed for the operational follow-up.


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