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Theme :
Posters' session
Date :
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019
Schedule :
17h30 - 19h30
Session Title :
P14 - Intermetallics and MMCs
Room :
Poster Area
Effects of HIP parameters on microstructures and tensile properties of PM gamma TiAl compacts
Zebao Lang, Zebao Lang, Yongzhong Zhang, Xuhu Zhang, Liang Wang, Zhongwei Yin, Gang Shi, Zhenxiao Yang, Xiuzhi Xu (China)
Preparation of PM gamma TiAl compacts with proper microstructures in low carbon steel capsules by hot isostatic pressing
Xuhu Zhang, Zebao Lang, Liang Wang, Zhongwei Yin, Xiuzhi Xu (China)
The anisotropy of the thermal expansion of O-phase in Ti-Nb-Al system alloys
Iana Kylosova, Sergey Demakov, Artem Yurovskikh, Stepanov Stepan (Russian Federation)
The formation of the structure and properties of the hydrogen alloyed intermetallic titanium alloy during hot deformation and annealing in argon flow
Anatoly Illarionov, Olga Khadzhieva, Evgeny Merson, Svetlana Illarionova, Artemy Popov (Russian Federation)
Non-isothermal oxidation behavior and mechanisms of TiAl-based alloys
Peixuan Ouyang, Guangbao Mi, Peijie Li, Jingxia Cao, Xu Huang (China)
Wear properties of titanium matrix composites by investment casting
Bong-Jae Choi (Republic Of Korea)
The effects of the TIO2 a high k insulator material on Au/n-GaAs/Ti/GaAs Schottky barrier by experimental and simulation at room temperature
Saliha Zellag (Algeria)

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