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Theme :
Posters' session
Date :
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
Schedule :
17h30 - 19h30
Session Title :
P6 - Extraction and Powder Production        
Room :
Poster Area
Electrochemical deoxidation of Titanium in Molten MgCl2–HoCl3
Lingxin Kong, Takanari Ouchi, Toru H. Okabe (Japan)
Further developments in the production of synthetic rutile derived titanium alloys via the solid-state Metalysis process
Lyndsey Benson, Luke Benson Marshall, Stephen Repper, Mel Conti, Nick Weston, Nader Khan, Ian Mellor, Martin Jackson (United Kingdom)
Microstructure, phase composition and densification properties of Ti48Al2Cr2Nb powder produced by super speed plasma rotating electrode process
Kuan Ma, Hongkui Tang (China)
Kinetic study of selective chlorination of iron in ilmenite ore
Soyeong Lee, Sung-Hun Park, Ho-Sang Sohn (Republic Of Korea)
Recent developments in novel titanium reduction technologies
Leon H Prentice, Stefan Gulizia, Kathie Mcgregor, Daniel Jewell, Christian Doblin (Australia)
The production of cost effective Titanium alloy powders via the metalysis process
Melchiorre Conti, Luke Benson Marshall, Stephen Repper, Tim Johnson, Lyndsey Benson, Nader Khan, Ian Mellor (United Kingdom)
Quantitatively analysis of shape indicators for sperical Ti-6Al-4V powders
Liming Zou, Xinhua Mao (China)
Influence of bath composition on Ti metal deposition in molten CaCl2 containing calcium titanate
Toshihide Takenaka, Haruka Okada, Ryoya Shimokawa, Taiki Morishige (Japan)

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