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Theme :
Aerospace applications
Date :
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
Schedule :
13h30 - 15h30
Session Title :
S1 - Process I
Room :
Room BC
List of speakers :
Chair :

Michael Piellard
13h30 - 13h50
Microstructure and mechanical characterisation of titanium alloy linear friction welds
Bertrand Flipo*, Kathryn Beamish, Bryan Humphreys, Martin Wood (United Kingdom)
13h50 - 14h10
The development and application of hot isostatic pressing near net shape forming technology of titanium alloy powder
Xuhu Zhang, Haiyang Zhang, Liang Wang, Guihua Xu, Junfeng Ding (China)
14h10 - 14h30
Novel small scale method for assessing machinability of Ti-6Al-4V and Timetal 407
Christopher Dredge, Ben Thomas, Rachid M'Saoubi, Martin Jackson (United Kingdom)
14h30 - 14h50
Titanium sheet hot forming in the aerospace industry
Guillaume Sana (France)
14h50 - 15h10
Improvement of TA6V superficial mechanical properties through coatings preparation by plasma electrolytic oxidation
Marie Laveissière, Hélène Cerda, Jérome Roche, Laurent Arurault (France)
15h10 - 15h30
Demonstration of the appplication of superplastic forming using infrared heating emitters to a part of structure including various geometrical singularities
Nicolas Fleurisson, Fabien Nazaret, Elise Lamic, Jean-Pierre Bonnafé, Ludovic Ropars, Alexandre Collot (France)

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