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Theme :
Microstructure evolution
Date :
Thursday, June 13th, 2019
Schedule :
10h20 - 11h40
Session Title :
S10 - Phase transformations / α-β alloys II
Room :
Room I
List of speakers :
Chair :

Frédéric  Prima - France
10h20 - 10h40
The effect of plastic deformation on martensite decomposition process in Ti-6Al-4V alloy
Maciej Motyka, Anna Baran-Sadleja, Waldemar Ziaja, Jan Sieniawski (Poland)
10h40 - 11h00
Thermo-hydrogen treatment of TiAl6V4 for improved mechanical properties via structure gradients
Christopher Schmidt, Peter Schmidt, Hans-Jürgen Christ (Germany)
11h00 - 11h20
Development of ultra-fine grain microstructures in titanium alloys via phase transformation assisted recrystallization
Alexander Edwards, Philippe Vermaut, Ivan Guillot, Frederic Prima (France)
11h20 - 11h40
CANCELLED - Preparation of ultrafine grained titanium alloy bar by weak mannesmann cross rolling process
Zhe Zhang, Dong Liu, Yanhui Yang, Jianguo Wang, Yuhua Pang, Hai Wang, Fuxiang Zhang, Haodong Rao (China)

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