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Theme :
Additive and near netshape manufacturing
Date :
Friday, June 14th, 2019
Schedule :
08h20 - 10h00
Session Title :
S12 - Biomedical applications
Room :
Room BC
List of speakers :
Chair :

Petr Harcuba
08h20 - 08h40
Qualification of customised medical implants produced by Ti6Al4V(ELI) additive manufacturing
Wilhelm Bouwer Du Preez (South Africa)
08h40 - 09h00
3D printing by robocasting and characterisation of Ti-6Al-4V architectured porous scaffolds for biomedical applications
Xavier Boulnat, Marion Coffigniez, Laurent Gremillard (France)
09h00 - 09h20
Development of biomedical be-ta Ti alloys by additive manufacturing from Mixture powder
Mitsuharu Todai, Risa Kato, Takeshi Nagase, Takayoshi Nakano (Japan)
09h20 - 09h40
CANCELLED - Microstructure and mechanical properties of beta-type Ti-24Nb-4Zr-8Sn cellular structures fabricated by electron beam melting
Shujun Li, Wentao Hou, Hongxia Yang, Yulin Hao, Rui Yang (China)
09h40 - 10h00
CANCELLED - Compressive and fatigue behavior of functionally graded Ti-6Al-4V meshes fabricated by additive manufacturing
Shuo Zhao, Guang Yang, Shujun Li (China)

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