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Theme :
Microstructure – properties relationships
Date :
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019
Schedule :
15h50 - 17h30
Session Title :
S18 - Welding
Room :
Room 150
List of speakers :
Chair :

Christophe Delaunay
15h50 - 16h10
Some data on the influence of structure and chemical composition on the ratio of fracture toughness and tensile brittleness of titanium alloys
Anatoly Volkov, Michael Leder, Alexander Grebenshchikov, Elena Shushakova, Natalia Volkova, Anatoliy Svyazhin, Kirill Rusakov, Maxim Kalienko (Russian Federation)
16h10 - 16h30
Comparison of different titanium alloys welded by Yb:YAG fibre laser for thin sheet applications used for T-ducts in bleed air systems
Stefan Riekehr, Volker Ventzke, Sabine Wagner, Werner Beck, Nikolai Kashaev (Germany)
16h30 - 16h50
Change of microstructure and properties of dual titanium alloy join interface in hot working history
Zekun Yao, Yongquan Ning, Zhanglong Zhao, Darong Huang, Hongzhen Guo, Jingyuan Shen (China)
16h50 - 17h10
Multi-scale and Multi-technic Microstructure Analysis of Linear Friction Welds of two Titanium Alloy grades: the β-metastable Ti-5Al-2Sn-2Zr-4Mo-4Cr (Ti17) and the near-α Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo (Ti6242)
Salima Bouvier, Risbet Marion, Dorick Ballat-Durand (France)
17h10 - 17h30
Yb: YAG laser welding of Ti6Al4V sheet using conventional and annular power density distribution: microstructure mechanical properties relationship
Jean-Denis Beguin, Valentin Gazagne, Yannick Balcaen, Joël Alexis (France)

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