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Theme :
Microstructure evolution
Date :
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
Schedule :
15h50 - 17h50
Session Title :
S2 - Phase transformation / β alloys II
Room :
Auditorium 450
List of speakers :
Chair :

Benoit Appolaire
15h50 - 16h10
Microstructure and texture characteristics of a new metastable β titanium alloy
Bin Gu, Paul Chekhonin, Rolf Schaarschuch, Werner Skrotzki, Shewei Xin, Chaoli Ma, Lian Zhou (Germany)
16h10 - 16h30
The influence of the ultra-fine grained structure on phase transformations in Ti15Mo alloy
Kristína Bartha, Josef Stráský, Anna Terynková, Jozef Veselý, Peter Minárik, Pere Barriobero-Vila, Petr Doležal, Irina Semenova, Veronika Polyakova, Miloš Janeček (Czech Republic)
16h30 - 16h50
Study of harmonic microstructure development during Spark Plasma Sintering of β-CEZ titanium alloy
Benoit Denand, Bhupendra Sharma, Guillaume Geandier, Florimonde Lebel, Erwan Etienne, Guy Dirras, Kei Ameyama, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Yudong Zhang (France)
16h50 - 17h10
The growth kinetics of Widmanstatten plates investigated by phase field calculations
Benoit Appolaire, Hocine Lebbad, Yann Le Bouar, Alphonse Finel (France)
17h10 - 17h30
Phase transformation in metastable Ti alloy investigated by neutron diffraction
Pavel Zhanal, Jana Smilauerova, Josef Strasky, Jozef Vesely, Michal Hajek, Premysl Beran, Milos Janecek, Petr Harcuba (Czech Republic)
17h30 - 17h50
Plastic deformation of beta-Ti-Mo alloys with isothermal omega phase
Koichi Tsuchiya*, Satoshi Emura, Xin Ji, Ivan Gutierrez, Toru Hara (Japan)

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