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Theme :
Microstructure evolution
Date :
Wednesday, June 12th, 2019
Schedule :
08h00 - 10h00
Session Title :
S3 - Phase transformation / β alloys III
Room :
Auditorium 450
List of speakers :
Chair :

Benoit Appolaire
08h00 - 08h20
Phase transformations in β-titanium alloys studied by electrical resistance measurement
Petr Harcuba, Jana Šmilauerová, Pavel Zháňal, Michal Hájek, Miloš Janeček (Czech Republic)
08h20 - 08h40
CANCELLED - Thermo-kinetic modeling for the growth/dissolution of equiaxed and lamellar α in Ti–55531 under continuous heating condition
Fuwen Chen, Guanglong Xu, Kechao Zhou, Hui Chang (China)
08h40 - 09h00
Evolution of alpha phase in metastable beta titanium alloys studied by small-angle X-ray scattering
Jana Šmilauerová, Václav Holý, Petr Harcuba, Miloš Janeček, Josef Stráský, Jitka Stráská, Jan Ilavský (Czech Republic)
09h00 - 09h20
Criteria for fast and selective α precipitation at β grain boundaries in Ti-alloys. Consequence for in-service microstructure
Tao Liu, Lionel Germain, Julien Teixeira, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Nathalie Gey (France)
09h20 - 09h40
Control technique of globularization of the lamellar alpha in Ti-17 alloy and its effect on mechanical properties
Jianwei Xu (China)
09h40 - 10h00
Ti-15Mo alloy prepared by cryogenic milling and spark plasma sintering
Anna Terynková, Jiří Kozlík, Kristína Bartha, Tomáš Chráska, Josef Stráský (Czech Republic)

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