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Theme :
Intermetallics and MMCs
Date :
Friday, June 14th, 2019
Schedule :
08h00 - 10h00
Session Title :
S4 - Mechanical properties of intermetallics II
Room :
Room GH
List of speakers :
Chair :

Damien Texier
08h00 - 08h20
High-temperature deformation behavior of Ti22Al25Nb
Jingli Zhang, Jinping Wu, Yuanyuan Luo, Dizi Guo, Fan Yang, Shengze Zhao (China)
08h20 - 08h40
New insights on the high temperature deformation behaviors of the lamellar structures in high Nb containing TiAl alloys
Lin Song, Li Wang, Michael Oehring, Xingguo Hu, Uwe Lorenz, Florian Pyczak, Tiebang Zhang (Germany)
08h40 - 09h00
Fatigue crack threshold and growth in γ-TiAl
Claire Trant, David Dye, Trevor Lindley, Nigel Martin, Mark Dixon, Edward Saunders (United Kingdom)
09h00 - 09h20
CANCELLED - Research on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the extruded mulit-phase TiAl alloy
Fan Gao, Zhenxi Li (China)
09h20 - 09h40
Effect of Mo, V and Zr on the microstructures and micro-hardness of Ti2AlNb alloys
Yujun Du, Xianghong Liu, Jinshan Li, Wenzhong Luo, Yongsheng He, Xiaohua Zhao, Kaixuan Wang (China)
09h40 - 10h00
Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of a newly developed Ti2AlNb based alloy
Yongsheng He, Wenzhong Luo, Tao He, Yujun Du, Xianghong Liu, Rui Hu, Kaixuan Wang (China)

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