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Theme :
Microstructure – properties relationships
Date :
Tuesday, June 11th, 2019
Schedule :
13h50 - 15h30
Session Title :
S5 - Texture / Microstructure analysis
Room :
Room 150
List of speakers :
Chair :

Moukrane Dehmas
13h50 - 14h10
CANCELLED - An ex-situ method to separate primary and secondary α phases in the EBSD scan for bimodal two phase (α+β)-Titanium alloy
Shibayan Roy, Satyam Suwas (India)
14h10 - 14h30
Effect of the cross-sectional area reduction rate on the formation of <001>-fiber texture in Ti-5.5Mo-8Al-6Zr alloy wire
Yuri Shinohara, Yoshiki Matsumoto, Masaki Tahara, Hideki Hosoda, Tomonari Inamura (Japan)
14h30 - 14h50
Effect of thermomechanical processing on texture of Ti834 compressor disc alloy
Beatriz Fernandez Silva, Bradley Wynne, Martin Jackson, Michael Bodie, Kate Fox (United Kingdom)
14h50 - 15h10
In-situ observation of the "fine-grained -strip tissue" of Ti6Al4V Φ500mm bar titanium alloys
Yushe Gao, Xianghong Liu, Xiangyi Xue, Fengshou Zhang, Wensheng Wang, Enen Xu (China)
15h10 - 15h30
CANCELLED - Effect of the morphology of lamellar α phase on ultrasonic attenuation in Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr- 2Mo alloy
Haodong Rao, Dong Liu, Jungang Nan, Zhanglong Zhao, Jianguo Wang, Haiping Wang, Zhe Zhang (China)

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