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Theme :
Microstructure evolution
Date :
Thursday, June 13th, 2019
Schedule :
10h20 - 12h00
Session Title :
S8 - Phase transformations / α-β alloys I
Room :
Auditorium 450
List of speakers :
Chair :

Hui Chang - China
10h20 - 10h40
Phase transformation and Microstructure evolution of Ti-Al-Fe alloy during continuous cooling
Yong-Taek Hyun, Jong Woo Won, Jong-Taek Yeom, Chan Hee Park, Jae Keun Hong, Sang Won Lee (Republic Of Korea)
10h40 - 11h00
Phase transformation sequence of Ti-6Al-4V as a function of the cooling rate
Desirée Weiss, Ricardo Buzolin, Alfred Krumphals, Michael Lasnik, Maria Cecilia Poletti (Austria)
11h00 - 11h20
Origins and importance of fine secondary alpha in slowly cooled Ti6Al4V
Minshi Wang, Yu Lu, Bo Pang, Zachary Kloenne, Hamish Fraser, Yu Lung Chiu, Michael Loretto (United Kingdom)
11h20 - 11h40
Decomposition of the β phase at intermediate temperature in β-metastable Ti-5553 alloy
Morgan Goetz, Benoît Appolaire, Moukrane Dehmas, Elisabeth Aeby-Gautier, Sandra Andrieu (France)
11h40 - 12h00
Gaseous thermochemical synthesis and characterization of mixed interstitial phases in the Ti-C-O-N system
Frederik Bojsen Kværndrup, Kristian Dahl, Kenny Ståhl, Grethe Winther, Marcel Somers, Thomas Christiansen (Denmark)

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